Day 19 – Day of Rest

Posted 13 June 2010 | Journal   

This week has deserved a lie-in so I didn’t get out of bed till midday. Today was a particularly lazy day, seems that the whole group were just bumming around in their houses.

After another scrumptious Sunday meal, my roommate and I went to some nearby volunteer’s house to find them still in their PJs. We played cards (something we do almost daily) and had tea and cake. The day basically went like that, not much achieved but a well deserved ‘day of rest’ nonetheless.

The Germany vs. Australia game was a good end to the day, one of the few I’ve really enjoyed watching so far. Conceding four goals, Australia officially got merked. The advertising is just crazy, with Coca Cola taking credit for the man who apparently started goal celebrations; “This man showed the world not just how to celebrate, but how to live.” (whilst drinking Coca Cola)

Tomorrow should be interesting

Wink wink.

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