Day 1 – Arrivals

Posted 26 May 2010 | Journal   

It was a long flight but it didn’t feel like 12 hours. Accompanied by a group of 15 people I’d never previously met, we set off on high spirits. On the plane we acquainted ourselves better through conversation ranging from faith to journal keeping to the rules of the card game ‘top trump’ (which I still do not understand).

Observing the overwhelming sensitivities the group have displayed towards one another is intriguing, something which undoubtedly will wear off as we become accustomed to our likes and dislikes and more (un)comfortable around each other. Yet I remain optimistic, knowing I’ve been landed with a tolerant and diverse set of individuals.

We had a pretty amazing day. Arriving at Cape Town in the morning we traveled straight to the hostel where we’ll stay for 2 days. After being told the ‘rules’ again (my scepticism towards authority has already been picked up on by a few members of the group), we took a leisurely stroll along the sea front. It was a beautiful sight, though I was distraught that my camera decided to give the message “Battery Exhausted” when I posed to be soaked by an oncoming wave. So picture it instead, as I had to suffer the rest of the day with salty hair and a wet jacket for nothing.

Ending up at the ‘Waterfront’, we then jumped on an hour long boat tour of the harbors. Whilst relaxing in the wavering sunlight and catching sight of a few seals and a shark, we observed the sights, from the newly built football stadiums to Robben Island in the distance. The day ended with a nice meal at a restaurant in town, before being ushered back to the hostel for curfew (resists comment).

Beyond a glimpse of a township on the way into town, I feel we are yet to see much of the reality of the country of South Africa. I’m sure that the next few days and weeks will bring to light a clearer picture of an image very much hidden from our comfortable hostel.


  1. Posted by arzoo on 26 May 10 at 11:15pm

    Wonderful! Seems as though reading your blog will be a way of reliving my 10 weeks this time last year! Your first days sounds just as it should have been, and i look forward to reading the next ;) keep up the optimism hehe

  2. Posted by Sunhill on 27 May 10 at 5:11am

    Sounds amazing! The naivety in me is beliving your indictation of daily updates…I wish I actually knew how to bookmark and recieve notifications instead of pretending I do. Oh well :)

  3. Posted by =) on 28 May 10 at 8:51pm

    Can you not receive emails through subscribing?